Dirty Pick-Up Lines To Kickstart The Conversation

Dirty Pick Up Lines

Pick new lines, you’ve seen them everywhere, and you can bet that you’ve utilized them at least once throughout your lifetime. Yet, deciding what to say in any situation can be a struggle, even for the best of people. If you’re confident enough, why not try it yourself. Here’s a rundown on the funniest and “dirty pick up lines” available.

Funny & A Bit Dirty Pick Up Lines

We’ve had it all. Your friend asks you to pick the next woman to walk through the bar or you can use this chat app like wireclub, Mingle2 etc. to talk to strangers even you can use these lines to those strangers. He chooses his preferred pick-up line. There will likely be some reaction, but everyone’s idea is whether it’s a lasting impression that turns into something positive. There isn’t any danger in trying to provoke laughter. Here are a selected handful of jokes that will make you giggle.

  • You’ve been a horrible girl. It would help if you went into my space.
  • Hello, I’m an astronaut. The next task I have is to study Uranus.
  • If I throw a coin, how do you estimate my odds of hitting my head?
  • The word of today is legs. Let’s return to our home and let the word get out.
  • Your physique is a magical place, and I’d like to become Alice.
  • If you don’t wish to have children with me, why don’t we do something about it?
  • What kind of clothes would be fashionable for you? Me
  • Relax on the couch and let me know your first thought that comes up.
  • Did you vomit because you blew me off?
  • Do you know about karate because your body kicks?
  • Did you get arrested in the past? It’s unconstitutional to appear that attractive.
  • If sexually explicit were illegal that you committed, you’d be guilty as the law requires.
  • Your father might have been a baker because you received the best set of buns I’ve seen.
  • Hey baby, you must be a light bulb since you make me turn on each time I come across you.
  • You’re hot enough to melt the plastic that’s in my pants.
  • Do I recognize you from someplace? Since I don’t remember you in your clothing.
  • The dress would look fantastic when piled up in a heap in front of my mattress.
  • I’ll pay you a nickel for every time you come close to my flower.
  • You’re like milk, and I’d like to include you in my breakfast in the morning.
  • Would you like to believe that the first love of your life, or do I have to walk by again?
  • Does UPS employ you? I can’t believe I saw you examining my package.
  • I’m sure there’s a fireman nearby because you’re smoking!
  • Are you smoking? (No!) Yes, that’s true!
  • Hey, I’ve just noticed that you’re similar to my current girlfriend.
  • You’re so beautiful that every time I glance at you, I can see a brown.
  • You’re so cute you’re making me feel ill.
  • Have you faith in God’s afterlife? Then, you’re aware of what’s coming up in my next life.
  • Is it Tennessee? Since you’re the only Tennessee, I can see.
  • Have you been arrested before? It must be unconstitutional to appear that attractive.
  • If you were a sexy person, and you committed an offense, you’d be guilty, as the law requires.
  • You’re so hot; you melt the plastic that’s in my pants.
  • I’ll bet you $40 I’m going to turn you down.
  • Excuse me, do you have your number? I think I’ve lost my number.

Sexy Pick Up Lines

If laughing isn’t the way you’d like to express yourself, and you would instead do something more formal, there is always the possibility of engaging in chatter. Even though it could backfire and look unsettling, with a few alarms going off, it is possible to leave with your girlfriend If you do it correctly. Here are some phrases that could catch your attention.

  • The sole reason I would get your bed is to kick you down on the floor.
  • Let’s return to my bedroom and do some math. Add the bed and subtract your clothes and divide your legs and then multiply.
  • Would you like to engage in war? I’ll lie on the floor, and then you blow your fuck out of me.
  • When I turn a coin, how do you estimate my odds are of hitting my head?
  • If we’re both squirrels, would you let me pound a nut in your hole?
  • My dick’s feeling a bit depressed lately. Would you like to try mouth-to-mouth?
  • If I said I had a 2-inch dick, do you think you would be fucked? (No) Well, it’s not, as my dick is 8 inches.
  • I have checked my calendar, and it appears that I will get you pregnant before Christmas.
  • I’m like Domino’s Pizza. If I don’t get my order within 30-minutes, then the following is always free.
  • If I were able to reverse your alphabets, I’d place you between CK and F.
  • Hey, I’m searching for an item of value. Would you let me peek inside your storage area?
  • Is It Gay? (No) Wow, no, I’m not. Let’s have sex!
  • Are you looking forward to play carnival? I’ll let you sit on my face. I’ll tell you what weight you are carrying.
  • Let us let latex stand in the way of our hearts.
  • Hey, baby, As long as I’m a person, I’ll give you a spot to rest.
  • Hey, baby, There’s an event in my pants, and you’re invited.
  • Do you enjoy chicken? Sorry, I don’t have one. What do you feel about cocks?
  • (Look to you’re the crotch if you’re) It’s not going to let it go
  • Do you want to experience the Australian kiss? It’s just like the French kiss, only down under.
  • Would you like to do me a favor? Do you want to get down to your feet and smile as donuts?
  • Do you believe that men think of themselves? (Yeah.) If you do, would you be able to amaze me?
  • 265 bones are within the body of a human. What would you like to see more?
  • It’s a condom. If we place it on the body, we can get sex.
  • Are you a believer in the free flow of love? (No) What is the price? Do you want a blowout?
  • Are you looking to create porno? There is no need to make it to tape.
  • Do you reside on a farm for chickens? (No) You are aware of how to raise cocks.
  • This is a great shirt. Would you mind if I talked you out of it?
  • Do I recognize you from someplace? Because I can’t tell you are wearing your clothes.
  • Hello, I’m the brand new Milkman. Do you prefer it either in front of you or in the back?
  • Would you please correct me If I’m wrong But haven’t we already ever met before?
  • I’ve added you to my “to make a list.
  • Excuse me, But do you ever give your heads people who are strangers? (No) Then let me introduce myself.
  • This dress is gorgeous on you and so would I.
  • Let’s celebrate with your pants. Invite to join us down.

Best Pick Up Lines

If none of the above is a good enough match, Why not try these precise and dirty pick up lines listed below. They’re not as bold as those mentioned before, but deliver a punch.

  • You’re in the wrong place; there’s a Miss Universe contest over there.
  • Did you feel an earthquake? Or did you cause a rumbling in my life?
  • Hey, I’m not sure if I’ve noticed that you’re very similar to my girlfriend.
  • In addition to being attractive, What do you do to earn a living?
  • I’m not drunk; I’m just drunk.
  • Please excuse me, but I believe it’s about time we got together.
  • There’s an issue with my mobile phone. (What’s wrong?) It doesn’t have your name in it.
  • Is my friend there? [Points at friend] She would like to know if you consider me cute.
  • What is the weight of an ice bear weighing? (I don’t know what the weight is? )
  • I’ve had a rough day, and it helps me feel better when I can see a beautiful woman smile. Do you want to be willing to smile for me?
  • I wouldn’t like to have your children; however, I would not mind, improving my making babies together with you.
  • I’d make a joke about my penis. However, it’s way too long.
  • I’d be delighted to see you in your birthday dress.
  • I’m a mind reader, and yes, I’ll be your bed partner.
  • I’m a zombie. Are you able to eat me out?
  • Ich bin an adventurer and I’d love to explore the world with you.
  • I’ve recently been certified a Gynecologist and would like to provide you with my pro-boner services.
  • If I was an elevator, which button would I need to push to cause you to descend?
  • If you’re feeling down, I can feel you up.
  • Is it hot here? Or is it just you?
  • To clarify, we’re all headed for the same place tonight.
  • Keep my number in mind as you’ll shout it in the future.
  • Your boobs should put down your stares at my eyes.
  • The dress looks nice on you. However, it’s better suited to my bedroom flooring.
  • This is a lovely shirt. Do you mind if I test it out after we’ve had sex?
  • The FBI is trying to take my penis. How can I conceal it in you?
  • The sole reason I’d get the bed is to kick you out on the ground.
  • Treat me like a pirate, and pay me for that booty.
  • What’s the difference between Ferrari and an Erection? I don’t own an erection. Ferrari.
  • The body of yours is comprised of 70 percent water, and I’m thirsty. 
  • In school, I’d like to earn an A. For you, I’d like to be an F
  • You’re very selfish. You’ll have this body all the time, and I’d love to have it just for one night.

There you go. Try one of them, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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