Doublelist Download APK: Best Alternative to Craigslist

DoubleList Download APK

The most popular classified ads website could be just as exciting as Craiglist before changing its advertisement policies. This website could be even better since it is home to 40 million active users seeking to connect.

The site is even more impressive, as it is currently home to 3 million daily users who update their profiles with over 100,000 posts each day. It’s growing if you can believe it. Traffic on this website is more than Mingle2Positive single and other similar dating website

On a more negative note, it is filled with men and women, with 65%-35 percent of females and males. Therefore, men from the US and in other countries worldwide have the upper hand in the classifieds. Let’s dive into the Double List Website

It’s interesting to note that this website is not an application that is unusual in this day and age of mobile. When you sign up for accounts, users will be required to authenticate your mobile number. It’s simple enough to do.

It is recommended to be cautious when you join this website because the possibility of fraud is very high. Many members seek to make money from unknowing marks, so be careful and bear this in mind.

The site is free, which is fantastic. You have a 60% chance of connecting with somebody, which isn’t all that bad.

Many users are logging on to this website because they are nostalgic about their excellent times of Craigslist Personals and how easy it was to make connections.

Doublelist began to take off like an explosion in its popularity not long afterward. It’s a site for users of all sexualities like gay or straight, bi, or whatever, to have an intimate encounter in a snap. Unfortunately, Craigslist shut down its personals section in the year 2018 due to it was accused of trafficking in sex and sex trafficking, which is a severe offense

Is it Affordable?

Let’s try another question to find out the answer. Is it affordable to have free? It is! The cost is an enormous benefit for those who want to meet someone without spending much money in search of a partner seeking a casual connection.

What Are You Able To Do With The Website?

  • Post classified ads
  • Upload images to allow other members to see
  • Answer classified ads
  • Two posts and up to 4 photos daily at the max
  • Enter chat groups
  • Comment on chat groups
  • Connect with fellow members
  • View webcams
  • Play cold and hot games
  • Other fun activities

How Is The Quality Of The DoubleList Membership?

Doublelist creates the impression that it’s awash with active users; however, there’s not a lot of the US users in the sense that it’s the US are concerned. This does not bode well for those seeking a quick and straightforward hookup.

To be a part of the platform, the user must be old or older. If you’re not, you’re not eligible. However, the reality is that there aren’t many 18-year-olds on this website anyway. The typical user is between their 30s and 40s. However, all age groups make up the majority of the population.

Are you looking to connect with teenage girls on this site? They aren’t very well represented on the site. Therefore, you won’t see them flirting with other users. Sorry.

It’s not exactly an online dating site for cougars either. If you’re looking for that kind of tea, then you’re at the wrong spot, My dear friend. Sorry to disappoint you.

In addition, fraudsters and fakes have discovered a way to dig their claws into the site and ruin it for all. While we’ve not noticed any of them, occasionally, a strange profile may pop up, making you wonder what’s happening. If you come across an unusual shape, you should notify Doublelist.

How Is The Interface?

Unfortunately for Doublelist, the site has an old-fashioned look of the 90s. It’s pretty easy to navigate through the website, so there is no worry there. However, don’t fret if you think it’s old and confusing because there is nothing more to the reality.

Be confident when you sign up for this website. Be sure that you’ll be able to navigate this maze confidently and feel suitable for the journey.

The Sign-Up Process

The process of registration is pretty simple to grasp. Like I mentioned before, it is necessary to confirm who you are using the phone number. They will not accept email addresses or possibly fake social media accounts, which is a good idea, even though it can be frustrating.

The most important thing to remember is that the number you use must be validly yours. It is not possible to use a prepaid or unsecured number to pass the verification procedure. It will not be a success. We tried, and were unsuccessful. You’ll be the same don’t stress.

Creating a Profile

Be cautious when uploading photos of your profile on this website. They’re looking to ensure that profile photos are clean and healthy, therefore avoid posting pictures that aren’t appropriate for your profile, and stay clear of any content that could be classified as vulgar. They’ll probably reject the photos. Take this into mind while setting up your profile.


Each user has a limit on the number of times they can upload and a certain amount of daily uploads of photos, so be sure to use them.
Every day, a member is allowed to create two posts according to the rules. Within the two posts, you’re only permitted to share and upload up to 4 images. It’s unclear why they’ve imposed a limit on this, but this is where currently.

Searching the Site

The site’s search function is easy enough. The site has 11 categories for you to choose from, which include gay and straight and couples. Oddly, there is no particular category specifically for transgender people. This is strange in a society that is supposed to encompass all. Take a few points from Doublelist to correct this error.


There is no cost to receive and send out messages via Doublelist; however, it’s done through classified advertisements. Respond to one of them to try hooking up and discover what happens. You’ll never know.


Nope. No mobile app. However, you can browse it in the browser on your phone if you’d like.

Privacy & Security

Because verification by phone is mandatory to sign up, the site is reasonably secure, and there aren’t a lot of fake accounts available on the site. However, there are occasions when an odd-looking profile or scammer can pass through, so be on guard.

Some people try to establish multiple accounts. It’s not easy, and usually, they get stopped. If this happens, Doublelist will ban them for the rest of their lives.

Chances of Hooking Up

Is the site home to 40 million users around the globe, isn’t it? With that number of users, your chances of connecting with someone increase. However, it’s not as easy as when Craigslist Personals existed.

You can be sure of this: The platform is free. It’s worth attempting and checking out what happens. If it takes longer than you expected, There’s no need to fret because you’re connected regardless.


In the beginning, Doublelist seems like the ideal replacement for Craigslist Personals. In the end, the platform is entirely free, and it’s possible to locate hookups within your area and allows you to post once every day and share photos.

With 40 million members or more across the globe, you can interact with other users on the website. However, a lot of them don’t want to connect in real life. It’s therefore difficult to make connections on this website with anyone, whether or not it isn’t. While they may appear that they’re there to connect, but they’re actually on the site to chat, It seems.

The site’s reviews are mixed and also. A few reviewers reported having good experiences with the site and connecting with other members a few times. Many other users complained about not being able to communicate in any way. The complainers were outnumbered by those lucky ones who managed to get an acquaintance.

It’s not a bad idea to give this site the chance to check out what happens for a few weeks. You might meet someone you like. There’s more chance of meeting with one of the other three websites we mentioned earlier. It’s entirely up to you, and it’s entirely your choice to make your choice now. Protection Status